Zinc undecylenate effectiveness

For Zinc Undecylenate or Undecenoate please click Zinc Undecenoate BP USP IP Grade
Zinc Undecylenate BP Grade
Ph Eur
C22H38O4Zn -- -- 557-08-4
Action and use : Used topically in treatment of fungal infections.
Zinc Undecylenate USP Grade
10-Undecenoic acid, zinc(2+) salt.
Zinc 10-undecenoate [ 557-08-4 ].
Zinc Undecenoate IP Grade
We also offer Zinc Undecylenate IP Grade.
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Zinc undecylenate effectiveness

zinc undecylenate effectiveness


zinc undecylenate effectivenesszinc undecylenate effectivenesszinc undecylenate effectivenesszinc undecylenate effectivenesszinc undecylenate effectiveness