What does the testosterone do

The medical profession today is capable of many procedures that it was not in earlier times. This is a fact that makes the judgment of what we should do in various circumstances a far more complex issue than it used to be. Not all procedures are wise and some results clearly show that. Second opinions are often wise and advisable. God’s wisdom is clearly necessary to guide us through the maze of options. Obviously, if there is no medical help available and we are in an emergency health situation, we should pray for God’s help and get the medical help we need when available. For those who are reluctant to use doctors or they have not been able to help or even diagnose the problem, allow me to recommend an excellent alternative in a natural Christian health retreat that has helped people from all over the world called Living Valley Springs health retreat.

You seem like a pretty decent player. As someone who started playing with wooden rackets and heavy graphites in the 80s as well, my suggestion is to look for classic feel rackets like the pro staff 90 or 95. The Head radical pro also has a nice feel and weight Other good option but a little more soft feel is Head prestige pro. You can experiment with the tension and strings (maybe lead strips) to find optimal setup.
I tried modern rackets like babolat aero pro and pure drive, but they just don’t give me enough “feel” for the ball on volleys especially. Good luck

What does the testosterone do

what does the testosterone do


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