What does male testosterone do

Now the question is, in a climate when politicians and the media are finally paying attention to military and campus sexual assault, should these new findings alter our national conversation about rape? Stemple is a longtime feminist who fully understands that men have historically used sexual violence to subjugate women and that in most countries they still do. As she sees it, feminism has fought long and hard to fight rape myths—that if a woman gets raped it’s somehow her fault, that she welcomed it in some way. But the same conversation needs to happen for men. By portraying sexual violence against men as aberrant, we prevent justice and compound the shame. And the conversation about men doesn’t need to shut down the one about women. “Compassion,” she says, “is not a finite resource.”

Secondly – regarding DHT buildup. Did you know that even completely bald men still have all their hair? It’s all there… just too small to see. DHT doesn’t kill the hair follicle, it causes it to shrink. Please do explore the link up top about eunuchs. These men do not go bald provided the castration happens prior to hair loss. In other words: if a bald man were to be castrated, he would not regain his hair… even after many years. It therefore seems that advanced hair loss is not reversible. Once the DHT buildup has accumulated, it does not decrease. Your regrowth is interesting all the same. Please keep me posted on the evolution over time.

What does male testosterone do

what does male testosterone do


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