What cells produce testosterone

In subsequent years, Nirenberg and his group deciphered the entire genetic code by matching amino acids to synthetic triplet nucleotides. They found that there is redundancy in that some amino acids are encoded by more than one codon and some codons are "punctuation marks" in the mRNA message. Nirenberg and his group also showed that with few exceptions, the genetic code was universal to all life on earth. Nirenberg shared the 1968 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Har Gobind Khorana and Robert Holley. Khorana also worked on cracking the genetic code; Holley was the first to sequence a tRNA and determine its structure.

A sensitivie and simple procedure for the detection and quantitation of soluble complement (C)- fixing immune complexes in sera of patients with various disease states has been developed by utilizing C receptors on Raji cells. These cells lack membrane-bound immunoglobulin but have receptors for IgG Fc, C3b , C3d , and possibly with other C proteins. Uptake experiments showed that both aggregated human gamma globulin (AHG) and 7S IgG bound to receptors for IgG Fc; however, AHG reacted with C bound to cells only via receptors for C and this binding was much more efficient than via IgG Fc receptors. AHG was used as an in vitro model of human immune complexes and its uptake by Raji cells was quantitated by 125I-radiolabeled antihuman IgG. The limit of sensitivity of this test was 6 mug AHG/ml serum. The ability of Raji cells to detect AHG in serum depended on the amount of radioactive antibody used and the size of aggregates. The presence of an excess of C somewhat inhibited binding of AHG containing C to Raji cells. The efficient binding of AHG by receptors for C on Raji cells was used for the detection and quantitation of immune complexes in human sera. Raji cells were incubated with sera to be tested and then reacted with excess radiolabeled antihuman IgG; the amount of radioactivity bound to the washed cells was determined and referred to a standard curve of radioactive antibody uptake by cells previously incubated with increasing amounts of AHG in serum. Thereby immune complexes were detected and quantitated in serum hepatitis , systemic lupus erythematosus , vasculitis , subacute sclerosing panencephalitis , dengue hemorrhagic fever , and malignancies . [10]

What cells produce testosterone

what cells produce testosterone


what cells produce testosteronewhat cells produce testosteronewhat cells produce testosteronewhat cells produce testosteronewhat cells produce testosterone