Undecylenic acid

Studies on the salicylic content of foods are sparse and have produced distinctly different results, creating controversy. [44] Possible causes for the discrepancies include uncontrolled and often unreported factors such as cultivation area, crop species, and harvest methods, as well as inherent issues with the studies such as poor extraction and measurement procedures and limited or low-accuracy equipment. A recent study using best practice measurement methodology significantly reduced intra-sample measurement variability but has not yet been replicated or extended. [44]

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Directions: Read all package directions and warnings before use.  Use only as directed.  Clean the affected area with soap and warm water and dry thoroughly.  Apply a thin layer of FUNGICURE Liquid over the affected area (including the exposed nailbed) twice daily (morning and night), or as directed by a doctor.  This product is not effective on scalp or nails.   For athlete's foot, pay special attention to spaces between toes; wear well fitting, ventilated shoes, and change shoes and socks at least once daily. For athlete's foot and ringworm, use daily for 4 weeks.  If condition persists longer, consult a doctor.  Intended for use by normally healthy adults only.  Persons under 18 years of age or those with highly sensitive or allergic skin should use only as directed by a doctor.  Supervise children in the use of this product.

Undecylenic acid

undecylenic acid


undecylenic acidundecylenic acidundecylenic acidundecylenic acidundecylenic acid