Testosterone suplements

Produced by one of the biggest sports nutrition company on the market, Ai Sports’s  Testo Pro  is a tried and tested testosterone supplement powder. This unique testosterone boosting powder is designed to boost testosterone and build muscle with a combination of D-Aspartic Acid, Magnesium Oxide, N-Acetyl Cysteine, ActiFlax (Secoisolariciresinol Diglucoside) and Cholecalciferol. While AI Sports has tried to stay in front of the muscle building technology, this formula is masked by a proprietary formulation so we have to go with its history to know how effective Evotest is. With a name in the industry that has stood the test of time, this is one testosterone booster that you should try! Read More…

Within the first week of taking this stuff I noticed more energy, not a jittery kind. Felt like I had more fuel to burn at the gym and am sweating more again. Got my period after three months of not having it. I do think I’m retaining water with this stuff.
I gained two pounds pretty quickly. I feel more solid but a bit bloated. Im ravenously hungry all the time. Every couple of hours I want something substantial. It kind of reminds me of being an adolescent. Oddly my boobs got bigger. Wasn’t expected this but am happy about it. Again I think this may be water weight and since I’m eating more well I’m gaining everywhere. I’m sleeping sounder without a sleeping aid which is a small miracle for me. I’ve taken a klonapin and benedryl cocktail for years. I also have noticed i”m in the mood for sex more. When people say it makes them “feel younger” I would say that it does feel as if I have more hormones pumping through me like I did in my early 20’s.

I finished BCP in May 2012, before that i had already been cutting pills into smaller amounts(few months)..after that i was ready that my skin will get worse..and it did. But after May i started a very healthy diet. I cut out the dairy, dont eat sweets, sometimes littlebit honey.. drink tea and water, eat LOTS of fruits and vegetables. Try do eat organic. No white flour, white rice. Eat Healthy fats. Minimum alcohol and if i drink, then only littlebit pure vodka instead of ciders and other sweet alcohols full of sugar. Bigger breakfasts, smaller dinners..started with vitex and fish oil, zinc.. training myself..July-August my skin was the worse, after that it has improved slowly. But i continue with my healthy lifestyle, which i think is a very good preparation before estroblock and everyone should start with healthy diet and life before taking the estroblock!!! Now im on my third week on estroblock and everything seems going only better. Tracy, you started also with a healthy lifestyle first and then you started with estroblock?! I hope im right and that people dont rush too fast and start with little steps

Testosterone suplements

testosterone suplements


testosterone suplementstestosterone suplementstestosterone suplementstestosterone suplementstestosterone suplements