Testerone in men

Optimal levels are conducive to optimal health. Having good testosterone in your system decreases incidents of heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, high blood pressure. It has a beneficial effect in protecting against cardiovascular disease in every study. It decreases the instance of heart attacks because of its effect on blood vessels. It has a beneficial effect of improving your good cholesterol and lowering your bad cholesterol. It has a beneficial effect of improving all of the good lipoproteins and reducing all the bad lipoproteins.

In Malawi, gondolosi is believed to promote sexual arousal, enhance sexual performance, increase sensitivity, and cure erectile dysfunction in men. Mounting scientific evidence is proving that mondia whitei can attest to all its claims. A 2008 study, found that mondia whitei increases human sperm motility. Sperm motility is considered an important characteristic of sperm — it describes the quality of the sperm, specifically its ability to move towards the egg. Other research has shown that mondia whitei enhances libido by increasing testerone levels. More recently, it has been shown to have an effect on erectile dysfunction similar to sildenafil (viagra) which stimulates the release of nitric oxide which relaxes muscles, increases blood flow and causes erections.

Testerone in men

testerone in men


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