Supplemental testosterone

Beyond decreased sperm production, another repercussion you don't see in the pop-up window ads asking "Is it low T?" is dependence: Once you begin taking testosterone, it's very difficult to stop because the body accommodates for the extra hormone and slows its natural production of it. In reality, replacing hormones is a lifelong commitment. Perhaps that's why some doctors are counseling patients to use caution and to look for other solutions before signing on for full testosterone therapy. Others see the gradual decrease in testosterone as a natural form of aging that we can combat by building muscle and reducing stress, even while we accept it and learn to live with it.

High dose vitamin D supplements were used in this study, containing 50,000 units of vitamin D taken once every two weeks. While this is beneficial in helping participants maintain compliance with the study, as they don’t have to remember to take a supplement everyday, it may not be as effective as daily supplements. One study reported that a daily dose of vitamin D was more effective than weekly or monthly doses at correcting vitamin D deficiency. Thus, it’s possible that daily supplementation may more effectively increase vitamin D levels compared to less frequent dosing. This, in turn, may also lead to different effects on sleep quality, and would also more closely mimic how a lot of people actually take vitamin D. Future studies using daily dosing are warranted.

Supplemental testosterone

supplemental testosterone


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