Optimal testosterone levels for women

Once a diagnosis of clinically low testosterone levels has been determined, what is the best course of action to restore them? The most impelling means for many adults is to receive a course of prescription testosterone replacement therapy. Both research and actual results consistently indicate that the most effective form of therapy is the implementation of a bio-identical hormone replenishment program for individuals whose levels fall well below the average testosterone levels in men by age . The use of these injections, which must be prescribed and supervised by a licensed physician, can fastidiously increase an adult’s deficient hormonal levels over a specific period of time.

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Your testosterone is on the high side for this time of the month. In our clinic, we don’t supplement testosterone until we know the patient is functioning with optimal hormone levels with regards to estrogen and progesterone. We’ve found over the last 10+ years if we optimize a woman’s two main-sex hormones (estrogen and progesterone), within 3-6 months testosterone optimizes on its own for most (as do all other hormones). This also allows us to see what we’re able to up regulate and what we need to supplement to achieve optimal hormone levels.

Optimal testosterone levels for women

optimal testosterone levels for women


optimal testosterone levels for womenoptimal testosterone levels for womenoptimal testosterone levels for womenoptimal testosterone levels for womenoptimal testosterone levels for women