Nutrigenix testosterone

Hello Joe,
Thank you for doing such a good job researching the product and sharing it with others. I also read your review on SeroVital. In both reviews you find that neither product is proven to boost Testosterone levels. My question is have you found any product to be helpful in boosting testosterone levels in men due to the normal aging process? If so could you or would you be willing to recommend a product. I understand if you cannot answer this question, but if you can I would appreciate it. Thanks again for the hard work you do in researching these products.
Regards, Robert Scott

I used to take large amounts of testosterone during my years of competitive bodybuilding. Needless to say, five years later (and at age 40) my body is definitely feeling the effects of it. Because my health is much more important to me these days and I’m smart enough to realize that I’m not invincible, the only way I’d ever do things now is natural. After researching dozens of these products I decided to purchase 2 bottles of Nugenix Ultimate Testosterone Booster (the new improved one) and 2 bottles of Prime Male. Nugenix because I not only loved the formula, but I like the fact that it can be purchased without having to go online and Prime Male because, well, because it’s definitely the best formula out there. After about 3 weeks on Nugenix, I began to notice huge differences in my energy, strength levels and I just had an overall feeling of well being. Strangely enough, I also began feeling much more “Alpha” which definitely isn’t a bad thing. Upon switching to Prime male, I can’t say that it made a huge difference. But it certainly allowed me to continue improving in all the same areas. Both of these products are excellent, but because I’m not such a huge fan of purchasing things online due to a bad experience I just had, I’m going to continue taking the Nugenix long-term. The difference now (and it’s a big difference) is that Nugenix also has a PM formula that includes ZMA, which is fantastic, and melatonin! Because the formula is different and they’re boosting your levels of testosterone from totally different pathways,, they can be taken together. Expensive? Sure…. But I’m of the school of thought that you can’t really put a price on good sleep, which the PM formula will give you and just feeling good overall. I guess you can say I’m a fan of Nugenix.

Nutrigenix testosterone

nutrigenix testosterone


nutrigenix testosteronenutrigenix testosterone