Low t treatments

This Penile Rehabilitation Program can take up to a year, with therapy being initiated prior to your surgery. In order to better understand your pre-operative erectile function, we will be using objective and subjective measurements. Objective measurements will include an ultrasound of the penis, which is a test to assess anatomy (length, curvature), blood flow and record baseline function. Subjectively, you and your female partner (if applicable) will be asked to complete several questionnaires assessing sexual function. Understanding, and possibly treating, your female partner’s current sexual function can have a significant impact on your recovery of erectile function. A few blood tests, including testosterone levels, will also be taken. After surgery, these same tests and procedures will be performed in order to assess your progress and overall erectile function.

Hi Respected Madam,
I am 32 now. i doing masturbation from the age of 16, from last 15 Years, i Daily did masturbation 4, 5 times regularly in these past 15 years.
I never released naturaly. i never done SEX.
Now i want to marry but i am too much afraid that will i am able to satisfy woman,
i am afraid because my penis is weak and thin at the bottom, its not straightand and turned to left side. its gain erection ut loose erection.
My Question is ” if i stop masturbation for one year than can i become a normal man and can i make marriage and successely satisfiy my wife??
i will not marry whole life and spend whole life alone???
Please guide me as i am in big trouble and tension.

Low blood pressure readings in healthy subjects without symptoms or organ damage need no treatment. All patients with symptoms possibly due to low blood pressure should be evaluated by a doctor. Patients who have had a major drop in blood pressure from their usual levels even without the development of symptoms also should be evaluated. The doctor needs to identify the cause of the low blood pressure; remedies will depend on the cause. For example, if a medication is causing the low blood pressure, the dose of medication may have to be reduced or the medication stopped. Do not adjust medication dose on your own, and do not stop taking any medication without first consulting your doctor.

Low t treatments

low t treatments


low t treatmentslow t treatmentslow t treatmentslow t treatmentslow t treatments