Liquid testosterone supplements

Frequently Asked Questions How do you take African Fly? African Fly is a liquid extract. To take it, simply fill the included dropper top, place the liquid into a cup of water or juice, and drink. For a faster effect.  Place the liquid directly under your tongue; hold it there for 5-10 seconds and then swallow. It is better to take African Fly before meals or on an empty stomach to help it absorb better into your system. Will African Fly work for women? African Fly is safe for use by women on an occasional basis. Women who have low sexual desire, or trouble becoming excited during sex, will find it very helpful. Women can use it 3-5 times a week safely. Women should not use African Fly daily for more than 1 month. Is African Fly safe? The overwhelming majority of men who take African Fly experience no unwanted side effects. The only occasional unwanted side effect is sleeplessness if taken right before bed. We recommend that unless you plan on sexual activity that night, you should avoid taking LTF6 before going to bed. It is a very energizing herbal formula and may keep you awake. African Fly and other supplements There have been no tests on the effect of African Fly in conjunction with other supplements. Although many men use African Fly safely along with other health products, there is no specific assurance as to the effects of such combined therapy. If you still want to use other health supplements, we suggest that you start with low servings of the other supplement. Also, you should add one supplement at a time; no “GNC binges.“

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Liquid testosterone supplements

liquid testosterone supplements


liquid testosterone supplementsliquid testosterone supplementsliquid testosterone supplementsliquid testosterone supplementsliquid testosterone supplements