Haldol deck

I have absolutely no idea but, at this point, anything is possible… I have days, regularly, and I’m sure you do as well, where I find myself thinking.. “Am I praying enough.. Am I repenting enough.. Am I working on having a truly contrite heart and humbling myself and putting my thoughts and attitudes under the authority of Christ?” (And, of course, humanly it’s never enough) Then I come in here and read some of the insanity that’s posted and I feel like I’m not a completely lost cause… Sigh… lol

Some that I picked up from working in Canada and Large Urban facilities in the US.
LOL,Squared ->Little old Lady Lying on Linoleum – Elderly female found on floor by EMS.
CD-> Celestrial Discharge: Person who has died.
WBC-> Well Baby Check. Parents who bring baby/child in to ED after minor incident “Just to be checked out”
OBECALP-> For drug seekers – Give 20mg of Obecalp IM/IV stat: Placebo backwards (usually 5 mls of a saline flush IV to see if they “need something stronger” since they are allergic to EVERYTHING but Demerol. I have even had patients return to the ED and ASK for OBECALP “because it worked last time”
BOTTLED -> A Canadian classic. EMS has just brought in someone that has been BOTTLED (hit in the head with a bottle, most cases a beer bottle)
Z-PACK-> NOT WHAT YOU THINK. This case is a group/family from a particular State/Province that are on Medi-Care/Welfare and their health card starts with a “Z” and use the ED and EMS for minor health issues “We have a Z-Pac of 4 in Room 5” Translation we have 4 family members in room 5 that need / health care check by a doctor.
CHURCH SYNDROME -> Often goes along with LOLSquared, occurs most often with Little old Catholic Ladies, that get dizzy from standing and kneeing in church
MALL WALKER-> Most often a LOL, that takes her B/P on the drug store machine in the Mall after doing the “Mall Loop” and finds her B/P “Higher than normal” and her friends tell her to go to the ED for a
HC-> Health Check – similar to a WBC but an adult.

The Antichrist stopping the ‘grain offering’ is without a doubt the Eucharist. To accept or to reject the Eucharistic sacrifice, that is the question. If one rejects the Eucharistic sacrifice, then the whole of scripture will fall apart and theology is turned upside down on its head where literals are allegoric and allegoric are literals, where the temple is a building and the temple garments are Hawaiian shirts, the sacrificial Altar then becomes a stage with drums and disco tech lights on top, and where incense become exclusively ‘the prayers of the saints’ without the substance of incense and now all who come to the altar can weep besides boxes of tissues.

Haldol deck

haldol deck


haldol deckhaldol deckhaldol deckhaldol deck