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I started the pages with a * (all with Happy's permission)
Please note that Happy herself does not maintain a web presence. She's welcome to use any of the following domains for her own website at any time, but is not interested right now. The site you're looking at now currently serves:
Happy at CD Baby

Happy at iTunes

Happy at

* Happy's Albums
(all 11 albums as YouTube "videos")

* Happy's Albums
(all 11 albums as streaming audio)

* Happy Rhodes Song Samples
(downloadable mp3s)

* Happy Rhodes Rarities
(non-album goodies)

* Happy at YouTube
(Search results, there are so many)

Happy's lyrics
(Note: no longer exists. This is a mirror)

* Rhodeways/Terra Incognita
(an old fanzine by Sharon Nichols, back issues still available)

* Happy Rhodes News on Twitter
(very quiet until she comes out of Hiding, if ever)

* Happy Rhodes Fan GROUP on Facebook

Happy Rhodes PAGE at Facebook
(This is NOT Happy herself. Happy does not do social networking.)

Facebook Page for Many Worlds Are Born Tonight

* RhodeShows
(Happy live, incomplete)

Happy at Wikipedia

Happy's page at the Ectophiles' Guide To Good Music

* Happy at Soundcloud

* Happy at LastFM

* Happy at MySpace
* Happy at mp3Unsigned
* Happy at IAC
* Happy at Red Fizz

* Happy at Music Alley (podsafe music)

Happy's old Offical website (Mirror)
(Happy does not own the domain anymore. It is currently a music blog by Grayson McMillan and there is an entry about Happy there .)

This is a video I made to Happy's "Terra Incognita" (which is from the point of view of a cat) using cats who own Happy Rhodes fans...

"Terra Incognita"(Treehouse cats version)

Equipoise facebook

equipoise facebook


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