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The EverQuest universe is divided into more than five hundred zones. [22] These zones represent a wide variety of geographical features, including plains, oceans, cities, deserts, and other planes of existence. One of the most popular zones in the game is the Plane of Knowledge, one of the few zones in which all races and classes can coexist harmoniously without interference. The Plane of Knowledge is also home to portals to many other zones, including portals to other planes and to the outskirts of nearly every starting city.

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Change Log:
- August 4, 2017

-Added support for 2009 April Fool's day class names.
-Prevent error when manually checking for updates.
-Improved messaging when doing the manual update check.
-Prevent errors with P99/Custom server class titles. They will default to "Unknown" since I don't know which custom title goes to which class.
-Added support for assigning ("giving") items via advanced loot on the AutoRoll sub-tab.
-Added support for Freegrab items via advanced loot on the AutoRoll sub-tab.
-Changed how dps graphs are scaled slightly. They should now reliably be scaled using easy-to-read numbers. (Rather than increments of 3,3333 you should get 3,000 for example).
-Prevent additional errors from special /who messages.
-Prevent various errors with P99/Custom server messages.
-Prevent error when backing up logfile via another program such as GINA. (If the logfile goes missing midparse it will pause 3 seconds then restart and search for the file again).
-Improved the loading bar to display more information while loading. (Displays type of load, name of file, % of logfile loaded, and an estimated time to completion).
-Improved search speeds by around 50%.
-Fixed Special Code parsing when using Glyphs.
-Added Special Code "B" when any of the following abilities were used: Mana Burn, Life Burn, Harm Touch.
-Added missing Rank and Class columns to PetBox on the Overview Tab. (Note: Pets' rank will only appear if pets are NOT linked with their owners).
-Added Sub-Tabs to the Player DPS Tab and renamed the existing control to "Damage Breakdown". (This is for future improvements).
-Widened the column for Environmental Damage when viewing the Damage Breakdown for a player.
-Added button to send Spell Summary to EQ on the Spells Tab.
-Changed Received Twincast count on the Spell Summary to display only procs of Twincast, not when the spell is manually cast.
-Added all unique Wizard spells to the list of checked spells used to identify a caster as a Wizard.

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Eq particle effects

eq particle effects


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