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Learning to listen is another important skill for anyone who wants to develop emotional intelligence. Those who are a bit self obsessed will only pretend to be listening to the other person – in reality when they are not talking they may be planning what they will say next. Listening involves being fully focused on the other person’s words. It also means giving this other person the space to say what they want to say. Those individuals who have a tendency to always interrupt the other person should make a commitment to count to 5 after the other person has stopped talking before saying anything at all. This will help to ensure that the other person has sufficient time to say what they want to say.

A cervical laminectomy (may be combined with an anterior approach) is sometimes performed when acute cervical disc herniation causes central cord syndrome or in cervical disc herniations refractory to conservative measures.  Studies have shown that an anterior discectomy with fusion is the recommended procedure for central or anterolateral soft disc herniation, while a posterior laminotomy-foraminotomy may be considered when technical limitations for anterior access exist (., short thick neck) or when the individual has had prior surgery at the same level (Windsor, 2006).

Hello, I bought the Recovery SA extra strength powder for my 12 year old Shetland Sheepdog. He responds VERY well, but every single time he takes it, he gets diarrhea very bad. I have tried to reduce the powder to just 1/8th tsp, but no luck. He just cannot tolerate magnesium, so I bought another brand of MSM/glucosamine without magnesium and he’s just fine, but the recovery works better for him. Is there such a thing as a form of Recovery without the magnesium, or with a much reduced amount of magnesium? Thanks very much, Lori

Eq horse steroid

eq horse steroid


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