Eq dose for cutting

I got my cameo a few weeks ago to cut out stickers and it worked perfectly fine. This past weekend I used with the print and cut feature as always, but this time is would’nt automatically look for registration marks. As always, I had them printed on the page and my cuts selected but it just said the cut was automatically complete. I got around this by in silhouette studio id click cut, then wait for it to fail then click “register” and wait for that to fail, and then click “register automatically” but when I do this sometimes it still wont cut properly and my machine has the “failed to register” message on the screen while its cutting. Has this happened to anyone?

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I had the opportunity to see this movie in the theater as well as review it as part of another, much-higher-end Dolby Atmos setup. Consequently, I knew this movie well and felt it would be a perfect test. Firing up Fury Road I immediately noticed that the Onkyo makes it a point to try and envelope you with sound with a very aggressive approach to reproducing the surround mix. Given the potential target audience, I think this will go over favorably. If you’re new to surround sound, you probably want to hear every speaker getting a workout.

Eq dose for cutting

eq dose for cutting


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