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Back to Black is a powerful tobacco fragrance, infused with a complex array of aromatic notes which add depth, luxury, and ambrosia to the oversoul of the fragrance.

The tobacco note in Back to Black is the most authentic tobacco note I have ever experienced in a fragrance. It's 100% true to the smell of real hookah tobacco. Very bold, and potent...with such life-like aromatic textures to it.

Unfortunately, the rawness of the tobacco is the exact same aroma you will get from any cheap cigar, so the tobacco note as it stands alone could be a red flag for some people. However, I think the aromatic accord that quickly envelopes the fragrance and masks the tobacco does very well to provide some luxurious quality to it (which could stave this effect for some people).

At the frontier of this sweet and sensual gourmandish-accord is black cherry and white honey. I can tell the cherry must be a sweetened black cherry, because the cherry essence is much deeper than the traditional and has this distinct aromatic edge to it. It's a sensual depth, that adds nicely to the sense of refinement this overlying accord provides.

The white honey is probably indistinguishable from traditional honey to the naked eye. However, it has this crisp, almost aquatic, bright aromatic sting that comes off the top of it, and gives it away as white Kiawe honey that comes from Hawaii.

The rest of the aromatics in the accord are almost too well-blended to distinguish. The most noticeable being the slight presence of sweet-bakery spice underlying the presence of black cherry.

The remaining arrangement simply seems to add to the depth and body of the accord, and projects together as a sweet mélange, like some delicacy you'd find in an exotic cabaret run by women whom live to indulge themselves romantically.

Decanted trust definition

decanted trust definition