Best eq for effects loop

Use the fx loop to insert delays and reverbs as the loop is after the preamp circuit. I've tried delays and verbs straight into the front of the amp and the sound can get messy when distortion is used as each repeat generated by the delay gets distorted (by the distortion). I would always put delays/verbs after distortion either using fx loop or a chain of stomp boxes. If you play clean all the time and don't use distortion then you insert the delays or verbs straight in the front of the amp. Reading previous posts the use of modulation and where to place it is upto your taste and place where it sounds and feels good to you.

Compact does not alway mean stripped down, at least not with the feature packed Vox Lil' Looper. This compact two footswitch footswitch pedal has most of the features found on bigger loopers while retaining a temptingly affordable price tag. Having two independent loops was impressive enough for a pedal this size, but it did not stop with just that, Vox was able to stuff it with essential features like record, playback, overdub and even quantize. This makes the Lil' Looper viable for performances, without the bulk and the extra cost.

The DigiTech JamMan line actually has several looper pedals at various sizes, feature-sets, and price points, and the JamMan Express XT is the most compact and most affordable one. If you’re in the market for a looper pedal in around the $99 price range, chances are you’ll be looking at this one and the TC Electronic Ditto (in nearly every forum and review we looked at it seemed people were trying to decide between the two). If you go strictly by our analysis and the number of recommendations both pedals received, the Ditto objectively wins. Subjectively however, there are several things that might sway you towards the JamMan Express.

Best eq for effects loop

best eq for effects loop


best eq for effects loopbest eq for effects loopbest eq for effects loopbest eq for effects loopbest eq for effects loop