Beginner test eq cycle

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First, System test plan is prepared to make our self ready to prepare the entire system which is being developed from the scratch. System test plan is prepared only if the application or product is completely new. And the application or product need to undergo all type of testing like Functional, Performance, Load, Certification, UAT etc.
Second, Integration test plan is prepared if a product or application being developed by several team or several developers and if one complete module output is going to be as a input for another module, then this Integration Test Plan will be useful to plan accordingly. So when two systems being integrated the possibilities of issues are like software compatibility, input variable map etc. So these needs to be tested completed when its integrated. Hope its clear now.

Beginner test eq cycle

beginner test eq cycle


beginner test eq cyclebeginner test eq cyclebeginner test eq cyclebeginner test eq cyclebeginner test eq cycle