Androgen replacement

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Natural progesterone cream has many benefits... 

Reduces prostate size
Progesterone cream can help to reduce the prostate size. 

Reduces prostatism symptoms
Symptoms of prostatism (benign enlargement of the prostate gland) such as urinary urgency and frequency decreased considerably after application of Natural Progesterone cream. 

Enhance sex drive
Physiological doses of progesterone also appear to enhance libido (sex drive). 

Osteoporosis prevention
Natural progesterone cream prevents osteoporosis in men. 

Decrease balding
Natural progesterone cream might decrease male balding due to the corresponding rise in testosterone. 

Helps with rheumatoid arthritis
Progesterone cream might relieve pain and swelling of rheumatoid arthritis when rubbed into the joints. 

Also, progesterone has no feminizing characteristics.

Androgen replacement

androgen replacement


androgen replacementandrogen replacementandrogen replacementandrogen replacementandrogen replacement