After effects eq video

The EQs should be used;
1) to balance the way the sound is heard. No two rooms will sound the same because the shape and material of the room, the number of people in the room, the humidity and any other sounds that conflict with the tune are always different.
2) to emphasize a range of sounds by either enhancing (or reducing) them, like a singer in a choir or to reduce played sounds… mainly as a technique. ‘Kills’ (a switched removal of that range of sounds) do this very well.
3) to turn up (or down) sections of the song so that transitions don’t stand out such as having instruments being much louder than the previous track or (as stated above) to replace the beat of one song with another (which is a great transition technique).
4) to reduce damage to equipment from distortion (hopefully to zero) while music is still being played at high volume.

his is the sixth in a regular feature in which we will highlight some of the excellent news, articles, tutorials and competitions we have on our new sister site Synth Expert . This week we feature Part 2 of Stephen's recent visit to Iceland with a slideshow of vintage synths, Stephen also invites readers into his studio to tour his personal collections of synths. Continuing the vintage theme, in the first part of a series we look back to the Korg Poly 800, an 80s polysynth which broke new ground in terms of its affordability. And from cool vintage analogue we venture into possibly the uncoolest of keyboard categories by asking whether people who ignore arranger keyboards are missing out.   

I’ve done some unbecomming things too.
Just today, a church had scheduled our singing group to come to their 175 Anniversary service. We were scheduled to sing after their AM service downstairs as the congregation was eating. After we finished setting up and doing a soundcheck, I started playing some background music, then I eventually went to the men’s room.
While I was gone, a song that was louder than the others started playing… just as the pastor started praying.
We use Emcee Pro for our soundtracks, and Windows Media Player was the program playing the background music. When somone tried to stop the music with the “Esc” button, like you do in Emcee Pro, it didn’t work. So she just muted the channel.
If I had been there….. but I wasn’t.
Do you want to say “Tisk tisk ” back to me?

After effects eq video

after effects eq video


after effects eq videoafter effects eq videoafter effects eq videoafter effects eq videoafter effects eq video